About Us


To assist in implementing a more sustainable future for our loved one’s tomorrow. We can do this through better building practices, and creating efficiency in the home. We strive to be able to build Net Zero quality homes without the price tag, as everyone deserves a chance at being able to live this type of lifestyle. Home is where it starts, and community is where it lives!


Our mission is to create efficiency and sustainability in all homes. We care about everyone’s happiness, and are happy to work with those willing to take the next step, whether it’s for personal gain or if you are just ready to make a change. BUILDING A GREENER FUTURE TOGETHER!!! 


Family, Integrity, Trust, Total Respect, 

Cleanliness, Passion, Quality, Care, Accountability 

7 Steps to Renovation Success

1. Design

The first step is to schedule a sit-down meeting with our in-house designer, to discuss your vision, and put together a detailed blueprint. Once we have come to an agreed upon design and layout, the blueprints are then submitted for approval by the City, and we proceed with applying for any necessary permits for your job. Lastly, a timeline is drafted to layout all stages of the renovation, and subtrades are contacted to schedule each in for their appropriate times needed.

2. Demolition/Excavation

The second stage of your renovation is dedicated to the demolition and/or excavation of the project site, as needed. During this process we are very diligent in attending to the appropriate recycling of items, along with any possible donations of product that may be possible. When there are special circumstances where we are dealing with any hazardous waste, or sensitive materials, we take the steps to bring in the right companies to properly and responsibly remove and dispose of such items/products. Any local utility lines, such as water, sewage and electrical, are identified at this time, and proper precautions are taken to make sure they remain intact.

At O’Brien Contracting we believe in promoting “Green Living”, and this means not just tossing everything into your local landfill.

3. Build & Rough-In/Renovate

The third stage of your renovation is dedicated to any framing, foundations, footings and rough-ins for new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, cable, or electrical. Windows are also now to be installed, along with waterproofing of any exterior walls and foundation.

This is the stage in which we look at your blueprints that we finalized in stage 1, and begin to bring your vision to life, by removing or adding any walls, doors or windows.

4. Closure

Step 4 of the process involves installing the wrap on the exterior of the building (if this is a new build), as well as a rain screen as required. All exterior work is done in this phase, such as fascia and trim work, installation of soffits, insulation/vapour barriers and insulation is blown into the attic.

Interior work involved in this stage will include items such as drywall, and mudding and taping.

5. Finishing

Next we proceed with all priming and painting of the walls, installation of flooring/tile, and start to bring your vision to life with the installation of chosen cabinetry, shelving, countertops and railings.

Bathrooms are addressed in this stage with the installation of any plumbing fixtures, and the same applicable upgrade flooring and a fresh coat of paint!

Any new appliances that are being purchased will also be installed at the end of this stage. For those projects that include any landscaping work to be done, this is when we will attend to the same.

6. Cleaning

The last stage before our final walk-through involves any finishing details and complete cleanup of the site. All leftover product is removed from site, along with any storage or removal bins that were on site for our companies use during the renovation.

7. Final/Walk Through

The final stage in your renovation project will involve us taking you through a walk-through of the completed work. Any concerns or deficiencies can be addressed at this time.

If you wish to make any changes to the project outside of what was outlined and agreed to in stage 1, an additional quote will be provided to you at this time, depending on the extensiveness of the change.

We at O’Brien Contracting make it our top priority to leave each and every customer feeling 100% happy with their finished renovation, and we welcome any positive review to be shared for future customers to feel secure in their choice to choose us!